We are now in cookout season which means grills will be fired up and burgers will be flipped all across America. While everyone knows about the traditional burger, there is a new type of burger getting a lot of hype these days.

The new type of burgers are plant-based burgers. You may have heard them referred to as the "Impossible Burger" or the "Beyond Meat" burger. Fast food chains are beginning to introduce them on some menus and more and more consumers are wondering what the burgers are and most importantly, do they taste like a real beef burger.

Brenda Duby with United Supermarkets joined me this week to discuss plant-based burgers. Duby said, no they don't exactly taste like a traditional beef burger but they are designed to look, feel, and come closer taste-wise than a veggie burger. Duby said the red color in a plant-based burger is from beet juice. According to Duby, the plant-based burgers still have fat, unlike veggie burgers. Duby says that plant-based burgers are a great option for those who want a more plant-based diet.

You can find plant-based burgers in the meat section at United Supermarket locations. Listen to the full interview with Brenda Duby above for all the details on plant-based burgers!


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