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This past weekend, I stopped by a local laundromat to do a load (or three) of wash. As I waited with a pocket full of quarters ready to go for the dryers, I saw a stack of magazines against the wall.

Thinking that I had some time to catch up on current events, I picked up the one on top and noticed a cover story about Bernie Sanders and his presidential run.

I thought, 'did I miss something? Is he back in the race?' With that, I glanced at the date on the cover and began to make sense of the story.

The magazine was dated June 2016. It had been in that magazine stack for over four years.

If you have a doctor's office, dentist's office, etc., perhaps you should take inventory of your reading material to ensure that it's fairly up-to-date.

However, as a result, I'm now wearing clean underwear. Thanks for asking.

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