And here's why "MythBusters" always runs the disclaimer that their experiments are done by professionals and you shouldn't try them at home.

In Wayne County, Ohio, a man (whose name hasn't been released) decided he was going to try his own test of something he saw on "MythBusters".  He wanted to see if a phonebook could really stop a BULLET.

So he put a phonebook on the mantle above his fireplace, stood across the room, and opened fire with his nine-millimeter pistol.

There were three problems.  One, he's a bad shot.  Two, the walls of his house were shockingly thin.  And three, in his experiment, the phonebook could NOT stop a bullet.

So only one of his three bullets actually hit the phonebook...all three bullets went through his shockingly thin walls...and all three bullets ended up going through his NEIGHBOR'S wall and getting lodged in his neighbor's house.

Fortunately, no one was in the path of the bullets.  The man was arrested and charged with FELONY discharging a firearm into an inhabited dwelling.

Here's a YouTube video from "MythBusters" showing that phonebooks can stop some bullets but not others:

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