‘Mythbusters’ Settles the ‘Titanic’ Debate: Did Jack Have to Die?
It was a debate that had raged since 'Titanic' hit theaters 25 years ago: did Rose leave Jack to die by not letting him up on the board as they floated in the ocean. James Cameron maintains that the board would have only been big enough for one of them and Jack died valiantly, letting Rose live. Others argue that they could have at least tried to fit work it so both of them could have survived. Bu
Idiot Of The Day: Mythbuster Moron
And here's why "MythBusters" always runs the disclaimer that their experiments are done by professionals and you shouldn't try them at home. In Wayne County, Ohio, a man (whose name hasn't been released) decided he was going to try his own test of something he saw on "MythBusters".  He wanted to see if a phonebook could really stop a BULLET.