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It's what fuels us.

Java. Espresso. Latte. Americano.


Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

In this business, we kind of live on the stuff. It keeps us awake during those early morning shows, which in turn gets you to like us. So yeah...it's important. Plus here...like in some businesses, we have a coffee service that comes in and supplies us...so we get our fix for free.

However, coffee is also one of those beverages that can bring us together, or polarize us. Depending on what we add to it. Some folks take it black, others with a little cream and sugar...and others go to the extreme. I had a friend who used to always get a large coffee from Dunkin Donuts that he had as a "10 and 10"...10 sugars, and 10 creams. It was sludge, but he drank it every day...several times a day (this man, is somehow still alive).

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

In all honestly...I am NOT a cream person. Never liked it. I drink my coffee the way my grandfather used to...black with sugar.  The other morning, I was in our Awesome Kitchenette...and ran into a co-worker of ours, Renee'. We both waited for the coffee to finish brewing, and as I poured a cup, she asked if I wanted any creamer.  You can guess my response...since cream is evil. Renee' asked what I had against creamer, and I casually mentioned that they can make bombs out of it. Heck, even the Mythbusters did an episode on that! (You can look it up.)  At this point, she noticed the copious amounts of sugar that went into my cup.

"OH, you don't like cream...but you put all that sugar in there?"

She called me on it. Yeah...I used a little too much sugar, which opened up the debate...and proved that yes, there is still division in this country. The only true common ground (pardon the pun), is to either drink it black, or add cream and sugar. You can't have the either/or...which draws a great many parallels with our nation on this day.

However you prefer it...fill your cup, and enjoy!

Oh, and if you want to see the Mythbusters light a giant tank of coffee creamer on fire...here you go. (Credit: ZPUN via YouTube)