Forget April showers bring May flowers....Nothing says spring is here like a dirty brown sky and sand blasted eyeballs! Gotta love those West Texas dust storms. NOT! Yet we West Texans endure them year after year. Remember, back in the day, running track in 60 mile an hour winds with the sting of the sand ripping over your skin? Good times!

The storms have taken on a life of their own over the years. They've been fodder for the national news, they've been studied by the EPA, and they have been the target of a never ending plethora of complaints...especially by folks who have never witnessed these forces of nature! Oh yes! Visitors are fun to watch in a dust storm! In the perplexity of it all...they look around in disbelief and jaws drop. Oh no sir, you don't want to open your mouth!! And if you really want to see them confused, just add rain! "Is it raining?" Nah, its MUDDING! Haha!

Dust storms. I don't love em but I got to tell ya that the wind blown look is sexy on West Texas women, winds be damned!