Do you know anything about the Heart Beats? Apparently they are an all girl band from Lubbock! I want to know who these ladies are! Leave a comment on the Facebook widget below or email me if you have any info.


It took less than 15-minutes for one of the original members to call me after I mentioned this on the air! Here's Debbie on the air with me this morning:

I also got this email from a listener today (4-25-11):

Hi Landon,

I remember the Heartbeats from the 1960's. When I was in Junior High they performed at out school, Union, south of Brownfield. This school is now merged with Wellman and is now called Wellman-Union.

They performed great to a small audience in the cafeteria. I really like the song "Time Won't Let Me". They were really cute and I remember one of the girls looking at me.

Union was a very small school, 150 students from grades 1 thru 12.

When the T.G. & Y. store first open on Brownfield Highway, the Heartbeats performed outdoors in front of the store. I convinced my parents that we should be there

Later we moved close to Wolfforth. The Heartbeats also performed In the Frenship High School auditorium to a much larger audience in 1969.

I remember watching them on national television on a show where they competed with 9 other bands. They won first place!

Here's a link for more information:

In 2007 I purchased a rare out of print copy of the CD "The Heartbeats--We Had the Beat".

Hope this information helps.


Awesome! Thanks Joe!

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