Hey kids, do you like violence?

I'm both surprised and not surprised that these kids act like little monsters and then willingly document it.

The page is called @frenshipfights2 and it basically shows kids stalking and attacking other kids, fights that look like they were agreed to, and so on. Even worse, apparently these fights occur at Frenship Middle School (at least that's what the page asks for).

I certainly hope some parents take note of these videos. There are some bullies here that need to be addressed. There's also a genuine ambivalence towards the violence that needs to be addressed. I understand not getting involved, but at the same time is this sort of thing so commonplace that it's no big deal to see two girls wailing on each other?

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I will say that the most violent years of my schooling were the 6th through 8th grades. I guess kids take stuff too seriously and are all jacked up on whatever hormones they've got going on. None of that makes it excusable, and being involved in things like this can screw up your whole life and/or turn tragic at any minute. It's just dumb behavior and it needs to stop.

I hope this page is taken down before you see it, but as long as it's still there you need to see what's purportedly going on at Frenship Middle School. This is truly terrible behavior on the part of these kids. Instead of fighting each other, they need to be snatched up by their parents and taught some lessons on how to behave properly.

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