This product SHOULD become a best-seller in the U.S...because it's an opportunity for us to be lazier AND eat candy. I mean, come on.

There's a Bulgarian candy called Deo Perfume Candy.  Instead of taking 30 seconds to put on deodorant, you just eat one of these candies, and it emits a scent from your skin that covers up your natural body odor for up to six hours.

The candy works the same way as garlic. It contains some natural compounds that your body can't break down, so you excrete them through the skin. With garlic, that smell is bad. With Deo candy, the smell is a mix of roses, lavender, and vanilla.

The candies are sugar free and taste like tangerine.

Deo sells on Amazon for $8-a-bag.

You can read more about them on their official Facebook page HERE.

(The Guardian)

The bags are about two ounces but it's not clear how many candies come in each bag.