It's happened to all of us at one point or another. We've been at a restaurant, store, you name it...and the person helping us turned out to be either having a bad day, or just didn't care. This past weekend, I found myself in that same situation.

Now, the name of the local fast food concern shall stay nameless...and this is not meant to be an indictment of all fast food workers. A vast majority want to do their jobs, life, a bad apple can ruin the whole bunch.

The line I was in was not exactly long, but slow moving. All I had ordered were a couple of cheeseburgers and a soda...probably the most common item on the menu. As I pulled up to the window, I was handed my soda without so much as a glance from the person at the window, which closed immediately. i waited a moment, and then looked in to see what could be taking so long. The drive-thru worker was looking towards the kitchen, seemingly irritated (I would assume at the delay).

Finally, he is handed my bag, and the window opens. Without a word, or even a look, the bag is seemingly tossed in my general direction. No "sorry for the delay" or anything. Startled, I responded with a quick "Thank You", before the window began to close again. All I heard was an indistinct grunt from the person who handed me my food before the sound of the windows vaccum seal filled the void.

It got me wondering: What the HE-- has happened to customer service? I know in "Pandemic 2020", we are wearing masks and dealing with each other behind 14 inches of clear bulletproof lucite, but have we forgotten all about kindness? Forgotten how to be human? I'll admit, I'd rather have had a faceless robot deliver my food, then a human who acts like a faceless robot doing it.

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