A recent post on Facebook caught my eye.

Taco Bueno came to Lubbock with big plans, then made a hasty exit. It left a lot of people salty, including myself. I actually composed a post called "Five Mexican fast food places in Lubbock better than Taco Bueno" in response.

Now, I wasn't exactly looking to slam Taco Bueno, but they had just been named "Best Mexican Fast Food Restaurant in America," and that was a little hard to take after abandoning us.

Truth be told, I actually liked Taco Bueno, but none were close to me, and I'm a little hooked on Taco Villa and Rosa's. I certainly would give Taco Bueno another try if the opportunity presented itself.

The group LBKFoodies have been debating whether a new Taco Bueno is going into the old Burger King location at 82nd & Milwaukee. Several people claimed that it's a Taco Bueno, including one person who claimed to be installing the headsets for the drive-thru. But now, that post is gone.

I decided to play detective and head on over to the area and I found....well, nothing. I could not find anything that looked like an old Burger King or a new Taco Bueno. Was this an elaborate ruse to get Bueno-Heads unnecessarily excited? I have no idea. Maybe if you're in the area or in the know you can shoot us an email here. I will gladly update this story with new information. Right now, I'm just as confused as I ever was.

So, welcome back Taco Bueno...or not. I wish I had a better answer for everyone. Right now, the corporate website lists Abilene as the the closest location to Lubbock.

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