A man who looks A LOT like Conan O'Brien posted a YouTube video claiming to be Conan's LOVE CHILD. Yes, it's most likely a gag.  But it's pretty funny.

The guy's name is Gregory Keating, and he says his mother used to work for NBC, in the same building where Conan's show taped. But she was FIRED in 1993, after becoming pregnant.

Greg does a few funny bits, at one point even copying Conan's dance moves.

Then he sums it up with this: "We need each other. You need the warm embrace of your son, and I need an easier financial path through college. So I love you, Dad."

(Here's the video.  I say there's no way Conan doesn't put this guy on his show.)

If Keating was born in 1993, that would make him 20, going on 21...and yet he's trying to figure out how to pay for college? Ah, forget it. Let's not overthink this.  Like I said, it's most likely all a joke anyway.

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