One thing almost everyone in the world loves, unless you're a fussy toddler, is sleep but some people are retreating to their beds for self-care instead. A popular new trend that many Gen Z and millennials are taking part in is known as rotting, in bed rotting, or just bed rotting.

This is when people retreat to their beds and lay in it all day after being overwhelmed by anything important they needed to accomplish or just need to step away from responsibilities. Also some people tend to retreat to the safety of their beds when they are emotionally drained or have to many emotions that they just want to get away. Just laying in bed and maybe interacting on social media has also been dubbed rotting.

Some upsides to rotting are when people make camp, or base, in their bed and interact more with friends and get things done or planned out then actually following through. It does seem that bed rotting seems to have a certain sense of the old pillow forts that would be made as kids but with a cozy sense of appeal. So you can turn your rotting session into a Dolly Parton cozy experience or Elvira Mistress of the dark experience, it just depends on the person.

Many psychologists and therapist seem to have differing opinions when it comes to bed rotting and it doesn't seem like any serious studies have been done concerning the topic. Some concerns do include the lack of actual interaction between people in person and the lack of wanting to do anything. So is bed rotting bad or good, well that has yet to be determined but personally I do love a good bed rotting with twinkle lights, freshly cut strawberries, and a movie or Dungeons and Dragons session with friends online.

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