In England, scientists, sleep therapists and a new age band called Marconi Union have teamed up to create what they believe is 'the world's most relaxing song'.

It's an eight-minute song called "Weightless." They say it's so good at making people fall asleep, that you should NOT listen to it in your car. Their studies found that it relaxed people even more than a MASSAGE.

People who listened were 65% less anxious afterward.

"Weightless" uses slow harmonies, rhythms and bass lines along with mellow guitars, pianos and electronic nature sounds to create a relaxing song that slows the heart rate, reduces blood pressureand lowers stress hormone levels.

The song starts at 60 beats-per-minute and gradually drops to 50. The team behind it says that your heart rate should drop accordingly.

The melody also NEVER repeats, because that would let your brain switch off. This song keeps triggering your brain which, the scientists say, helps it achieve a deeper level of relaxation.

Here's the song:

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