On Thursday, Michael Vick Tweeted what seemed like an innocent-enough photo of himself sitting at the kitchen table with his young daughter, who was doing her homework.

But then, someone noticed that there was a box of Milk Bone dog treats on the table.

Check it out here.  The Milk Bones are in the upper right corner.  You'll notice Vick's daughter also appears to have dog pictures taped onto the cover of her folder.


After the picture started an INTERNET UPROAR, Vick removed it and replaced it with a similar one...minus the Milk Bones.

Now, if Vick DOES have a dog, he's not breaking the law.  As part of his probation for dog fighting, he was banned from having one as a pet for three years.  But that ban ended earlier this year.

(E! Online)

(Michael Vick did his time and has worked with the Humane Society since his release.  Is it time to consider him rehabilitated . . . or should he NEVER be allowed to own a dog?  Discuss.)