The freezing Lubbock weather has been on everyone’s mind. From frozen pipes to icy roads, there are plenty of things for us to be concerned about when it comes to winter weather.

While we all typically think of our family as a whole, including our pets, when it comes to keeping safe and warm, some Lubbock residents don’t have the same sentiment and leave their pets outside in the cold for them to fend for themselves.

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This is especially a problem for outdoor dog owners that don’t offer a space for their dog to keep out of the harsh weather and keep warm.

Far too many dogs are left to suffer and potentially die out in the cold, chained up, or simply left without a warm space to get away to. For those of us that couldn’t imagine doing this to our dogs, it is heartbreaking to see and has led many residents to beg their neighbors to bring their pets inside.

If you can’t bring your dog into your home for one reason or another, at least bring them into your garage with a few blankets or straw to stay warm. If you can’t stand being outside without a blanket, then your dog likely feels the same way, especially if they are a puppy, senior, have health problems, or a short coat.

If simply being a kind person doesn’t influence you enough, maybe the fact that the city will give you a citation will. The city is responding to reports of dogs left outside in this extreme cold weather, and you will have to pay a citation fee for doing so.

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