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I spent some time with some old friends this weekend.

After watching the Texas Tech game, and getting frustrated with my 49ers losing to the was time to be productive.

So, I emptied my storage unit.

Everything I own is now in my apartment. Including 35-40 years worth of vinyl. Records. I do have a small turntable that I hooked up, and then broke into the boxes.


Now, having been in the "business" for a few years, I noticed that I have an unusually large number of "Promo" or "Radio Only" copies of certain smash hits, as I acquired these over time working at various radio stations. Some showed signs of wear, as they were played EVERY DAY on turntables on the air, others, played once and recorded...never to see a needle again. These always had different color labels, so that they could be distinguished from records that were available for sale to the general public.

As I dove into the bins that I have in my closet, I spun such hits such as "Two Tribes" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, "Romancing The Stone" by Eddy Grant, and others. It was fun.


But, as I went through the "stax of wax", I would find some real oddball crap. Like this (at one time) controversial hit from Randy Newman.


Yes, a Promo Copy of "Short People".

As I said...I have some REAL odd stuff in here...

I have 10 bins, each with close to 150 records in them. So, it'l be interesting going through them all once more and flashing back to those days in the 80's when I first played these songs on the air.

I won't get started on the CRATES of CD's I also brought home... Gonna be a long winter...

(All images courtesy of Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media)

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