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Everyone has a story about a long drive, or a move from hell.

As host of the Awesome Morning Show, I, Lance Ballance, had QUITE an adventurous drive to the Hub City to begin my new job at Awesome 98. My family is still waiting to settle some things on the West Coast, so I rented a U-Haul and packed it for the drive to Lubbock, hoping for an uneventful drive.

It wouldn't be.

Just hours into the drive, near Kettleman City, California, I looked in the side mirror and noticed that the trailer appeared to to be riding a bit off-kilter. After pulling over at the nearest exit, I discovered that the axle on the trailer had shifted, and was now rubbing the tire against the back fender. The trailer was done.

After calling U-Haul and stopping just off the freeway, I was forced to unpack the disabled trailer and wait for a new one to be dropped off at my location on the side of the road...

...for 8 hours... 107-degree heat...

Lance Ballance,
Lance Ballance,

The new trailer arrived at 1:30 a.m. After hooking it up to my truck, I spent another hour getting repacked and was on my way, now, fully one day behind schedule.

Of course, that wasn't the biggest issue with the trip. The transmission in my truck also decided that this would be a good time to give up the ghost. But, that's another story for another morning.

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