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Admit it...somewhere in your house, tucked away in an attic or hidden in a closet, you've got a mystery box. Hidden inside, could be precious valuables...family heirlooms...priceless trinkets...

Or...it's just a box that's full of crap.

Image-Lance Ballance/Townsquare Media

Lots and lots of junk.

I've realized that I do have a little bit of a hoarding problem. Over the past 30 years, I have lived in 10 different cities, in every time zone except Hawaiian. And, for some reason...I drag the same junk with me every time I move.

I'm not just talking about my record collection...which is as much a part of me as anything...it's miscellaneous stuff that I haven;t bothered to open once I put in a box, and yet felt that it was so valuable...that I had to pay to move it on several different occasions.

Tonight, I decided to "break the seal".

After slicing through packing tape that is older than at least one of my children...I took a trip back in time, and found..........nothing important.

Image-Lance Ballance/Townsquare Media

Bonus points if you know what THAT round thing above is...because it means you're old. Why I've kept an old reel-to-reel tape that has no label on it for over 20 years is beyond me.

Some of the more interesting finds were the newspapers above, from December of 1998...and the first time a president had been impeached in around 130 years. Mercifully, that isn't something that happens too often...

I also discovered the real treasures. OLD RECEIPTS!

Who would have thought that anyone would actually buy a phone for $400???

Image-Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

I mean, heck...this wasn't just ANY phone...it was the PALM TREO 680! A Palm Pilot and PHONE...all in one! Who KNOWS what we'll be able to do with phones someday?

No, I didn't still have the phone. That wound up in the Gulf Of Mexico. Long story.

But now...I have to decide, do I trash this trash? Or...is it still worth hanging on to? Do I continue my pack rat ways?

I dunno. Let me just put this stuff back in the closet and think about it later.