On Monday, June 10th, Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that will make the selling of lemonade by children legal in the State of Texas.

Lemonade Day is something that's well known across much of the nation for the lessons it teaches to kids who're interested in learning to be entrepreneurs. But most people didn't know that it was illegal for kids to sell lemonade in most states.

Police in Overton, Texas came under fire in 2015 when they shut down a lemonade stand citing a violation of operating without a "Peddler's Permit," which is usually slapped with a $150 fee.

This instance, along with others from across the country, prompted Republican Mike Krause, who represents District 93 in the Texas House of Representatives, to file a bill that would prevent such occurrences from happening in Texas in the future.

Similar to the Texas Cottage Food Law, which was enacted to allow the sale of baked goods without a permit, the new law will allow for the sale of lemonade without a permit.

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