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This past weekend, I took advantage of the fact that I am all by my lonesome and without a plan or clue. Everyone here at Awesome 98 has been giving me suggestions about things to see and do, and I decided to put those ideas to the test.

Actually, that's not entirely true.

I slept. A LOT.

Yeah, after a busy week at work, I just zoned out. I did come in and work on Saturday afternoon and found a place to live (no more hotel!). But eventually, boredom and curiosity gets the better of you. So, I decided to go full tourist on Sunday.

That meant, to me, I only went one place. To see an old friend.



Yep. I hung at the Buddy Holly Center for a little bit. Sat on the benches, took some selfies, and read every name on the West Texas Wall of Fame. And found some old favorites, like Mac Davis and my all-time very favorite singer in the world, Roy Orbison.


I was also pleasantly surprised to see the McCartney Oak, commemorating Sir Paul's 2014 Lubbock concert.


I LOVE being a tourist in my town. If you have any suggestions, send them my way.

(All photos courtesy of Lance Ballance, taken on his crappy cellphone.)

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