Here's my list of a few things going on tonight that you might enjoy...

Facebook / Brad Ethridge
  1. Brad Ethridge hosts the "Pub Quiz" tonight at 8pm at Fox & Hound. I played a couple of weeks ago and it was a BLAST! Gather your friends and co-workers together (your team has no limit on the number of members) and go play. It's also really hard at times and everyone has to put their cell phones in a there's NO CHEATING! Winner gets a $50 Fox & Hound gift card.
  2. "Home Run Derby: From New York"  7:00 to 9:00 P.M. on ESPN.  Among the eight hitters slugging it out for the most home runs at Citi Field in New York are David Wright, 2011 champ Robinson Cano, 2012 champ Prince Fielder.
  3. "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" starring George Clooney is on AMC tonight at 7pm. If you haven't seen it, you need to.
  4. You can also go buy a few boxes of Twinkies and just sit on the couch. That's probably what I'll be doing. In radio, we call that "show prep".

Got something else I need to mention? Let me know in the 'comments' section below!