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I was never a theater kid, even though I always wanted to be. The problem is that I'm a terrible actress outside of my voice; my body just doesn't know what to do in real life, let alone on stage.

Luckily, the folks of Lubbock Community Theater don't have that problem. This group of talented individuals has come together to write, produce and star in LCT Live"ish", a dessert and show special benefitting the theater group, a cultural treasure here in Lubbock.

Wednesday (July 22nd, 2020) is the last day to purchase tickets with a delivered dessert, so be sure to get your tickets and support local. If you're not feeling like dessert, I'm so sorry for you, but you can get your show tickets à la carte.

Heather May is someone I'm proud to name among my friends, and she's the director of this unique and super cool project. I love her positive attitude about the adjusting we've all had to do as performers:

We have people participating that are many of our local favorites and new people who have moved in. We also have LCT alumni that are all the way in Tennessee, New York and California. So again it's been really cool that even though there are new boundaries within live performing...but the lifting of restrictions of having to be in the same place actually opens up new doors.

I have to shout out/brag about the writer and one of the stars as well. Daniel Ballard and DeNae Cortez are two of my most beloved and precious friends. They are ridiculously talented and have the most lovable auras. We used to host movies at Alamo Drafthouse together, and I certainly hope we continue to do so in the future.

Here are some photos of the cast, a truly wide array of talents.

LCT Liveish Cast

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