Lubbock has had it's share of great restaurants come and go. But I want to know the places that are now just a distant memory that you miss the most. Was it your high school hangout? The spot where you went on your first date? Maybe just your special place to grab your favorite meal.

A few places that come to mind are the Hi-D-Ho, Steak for Sirloin and the County Line. I could go on and on, but this is really where I want you to do the work! Feel free to say whatever you wish, just make sure to include your favorite menu item from the now nonexistent restaurant. Make sure you name the specific place and give me the address (if you can remember it!)

This Thursday, I'll compile all of the entries and we'll make a 'Landon's List of the Top 5 Most Missed Lubbock Restaurants'.

I would also love to see any photos you have of classic Lubbock eateries!

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Here are a few examples of the emails I'm getting:


White Pig not only had those terrific Pink Pig drinks but they also had another terrific drink called the Brown Pig.  And, of course all of their food was terrific and fresh - not a "fast food" place.  They would have it ready when you called but if you went there and ordered, you would have to wait while it was prepared fresh.  Someone needs to see if we can find the recipe for those drinks.

I also cannot remember the name of the restaurant that some lady called about on the North side of town but they had the best cheese rolls ever and they would bring them out and take them table to table still in the muffin pan right out of the oven.  And, it was a fork in the road and not a traffic circle on the way to the airport - sort of a triangle shape of land between Avenue Q and the Amarillo Highway, just North of Erskine.  It was there before the tornado but not much longer after the tornado.

And, regarding the Hi-D-Ho, a guy that used to be a manager of the one at 50th and Memphis tried to open another one over by the movie theater complex across from the mall - around 56th and Frankford, there is a small building that is round in the front - that was the Hi-D-Ho.  We went there a couple of times, but even though this guy did have original recipes, the food was never very good and it didn't last very long - sad.

Mary Ann Wilkinson

From a listener named Anthony:

Willow Hill diner at 82nd & quaker  I think its a copy craft now

From listener Dominga:

The Brittany Restaurant off 14th and universtiy. Around the corner from Mr. Tom's when I worked there as a hairdresser. Loved the British Burger and their sundae bar was the best. Still wish it were here.

Listener Rosanne said:

Underwoods BBQ was always the special place we would go for a family night out. Good ol' home cooking, but we didn't have to clean up afterward which I think Mom liked the best! My favorite menu item was the cherry cobbler~~heaven! I think it was on east 34th or maybe 19th? Anyway, sure brought alot of good memories back. Thanks for helping me remember them, Landon!

And from Rick:

This is a face book group I set up about Lubbock eateries.  Several good pictures and comments.