Add this to the list of things we used to do all the time as kids that have now been totally RUINED.

A new study by a company called Healthy Stuff is out to destroy the classic summer tradition of drinking water out of the garden hose. Because drinking that water COULD KILL YOU!

They tested 90 different garden hoses and found that ALL 90 contained levels of lead and phthalates that were higher than the safe levels set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

And 33% had higher lead levels than the safe levels set by the federal Safe Drinking Water standard.

By drinking out of a hose, you MIGHT end up ingesting chemicals that can cause liver problems or even cancer.

Of course, you'd probably have to drink A LOT of water out of a lot of hoses to have that happen.  A few drinks won't kill you.  And I'd REALLY rather not encourage today's kids to skip water drinking and go for soda instead.

(CBS 9 - Washington D.C.)