Here we go again, Lubbock. We're about to go viral for another stupid reason. And this time it's the most southern reason ever. A man busted up a McDonald's drive-thru window when he couldn't get biscuits and gravy.

According to reports, a man went through the drive through of the McDonald's on University just north of 4th street. He wanted some biscuits and gravy. The restaurant staff said they were temporarily closed because it was around 4 a.m. and they normally close for about 20 minutes so staff can reset the restaurant for the day.

They told the man he could wait about 20 minutes and then they would be happy to get him his biscuits and gravy. He said OK and parked his truck. A short while later, he walked up to the drive-thru window with a baseball bat, smashed it, and took off.

I love me some Mickey D's biscuits and gravy. In fact, I'll be going to get some in a minute. But I don't love them so much I'll Hulk smash a joint at 4 in the morning. Seriously, brother -- get some anger management.

In case you were curious, we've already made the news in Seattle, and across America, again.

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