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As much as I appreciate gaining a new fan of our music, I wasn't super cool with him  wandering into the backyard we were practicing in to tell us how good we were.

So, I'm in a metal band. If you know me, this is not new. We practice in a shed in our singer's backyard and it gets very hot and sticky, but it works. We were practicing one day and had just finished a run-through of one of our songs when we noticed some...dude just standing outside the shed, talking to us through the window.

I thought I blew my ears out at first because all I could hear was this super muffled conversation, but as I looked around, none of the guys were talking. It was this weirdo right outside who had just walked through the gate.

Our singer was, obviously, not chill with this and was in a little bit of a sour mood after the guy left. I mean, I get it. It's cool he thought we sounded good but...maybe don't just walk into someone's backyard and start chatting with them like that?

It made us uncomfortable generally with how easily accessible a lot of our properties were. Anyone could just walk in and do whatever they wanted. Even aside from the fact that they could steal stuff or kidnap us or whatever, I do not  like the idea of someone coming into my living space at all if they're not invited. Especially not some druggie literally off the street.

So, lock your gates, friends. Lock your doors. Hide your kids. All that fun stuff. You don't want a crackhead randomly wandering in a doing as he wishes.

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