I'm not the most automotively (is that a word?) inclined person in the world.

I've owned many cars over the years, can change the oil and replace my brake pads, but that's about it. My brothers, on the other hand, are much more savvy (they used to have a drag racing team) and are total gearheads.

So, you can imagine what they must have been thinking when I texted them this picture.


A small cap was missing from under my truck's hood, and with everything else that's gone on with my ride this past week or so, I was understandably freaked out. Is this oil? Transmission fluid? PLASMA??? I was concerned.

My youngest brother texted me back and responded that it was essentially a dust cap that covers where you'd fill your air conditioner line. No big deal. $3 bucks. Go get a new one.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I successfully replaced the cap and was on my merry way.

However, it got me thinking: have you ever had a moment where you thought something catastrophic was happening, only to find out that it was not a big thing and nothing to lose sleep over?

This was another of those moments or me. I'll continue to be a student of life, and maybe I should watch some auto repair videos on YouTube.

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