I had no idea why there were dozens of police vehicles heading towards me with lights and sirens going full force. So I decided to record it. Its 2017 and that's what you do.

As I pulled off 82nd street onto Slide Rd. I could see the lights in the distance and vehicles pulling aside. I did the same, since that's what you do when emergency vehicles approach. I had no idea what it was, but I did notice that there were more than just one or two official vehicles with lights heading my way. It looked like maybe ten different sets of lights, then 20, and finally I don't even know how many there were.

This morning I Googled it and found out it was the Santa Cops event where LPD officers go shopping with and for a selected group of kids during the holidays, with Big Brothers Big Sisters. 41 kids were picked up in police cruisers of all kinds and taken shopping at multiple locations around town, having around $500 spent on each child. Plus they all got to roll "Code 3" during the drive, which is lights and sirens blaring. How cool is that? Now I'm even happier I could share what this wonderful parade looked like in action. If your child was one of those that went for a ride, share this video with them and maybe they can see themselves.

And many thanks to all the officers who donated their time to these kids, and everyone else who was involved with such an amazing program. Please go check out the Santa Cops page and see if you can help these great first-responders in our community for their next event and help build a strong relationship between police and kids in the community.

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