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Man, my prom was pretty weak, to be honest. I'm grateful I found a friend at the last moment to basically show up and eat chocolate-covered strawberries with me, but we bounced after about a half-hour. It was boring, the music was terrible and I wasn't friends with very many people I went to high school with. Honestly, I could have skipped it altogether and regretted nothing.

Does your prom sound like this? Or maybe it was great for you? Either way, you can get a re-do or a re-live at Lubbock Community Theatre's '80s prom even if, like me, your prom was in the 2000s. Or the 1990s, 2010s, or whatever. I'm just excited to attend a prom with no "Thong Song" on the playlist. The event will be held June 12th, 2021 from 7 to 11 p.m.

Get in your best 80s looks; big hair is a must. Whether you go norm, freak, or geek chic is up to you. From the theatre:

It's a totally rad 80's PROM at LCT, in our new home!!!! Jam out to some bodacious tunes, dress up in your best 80s inspired throwback and dance away just like you did in high school. All proceeds from this event will be used to renovate our gymnasium to our theatre!!!! LETS ROCK!!!!!

Admission is $25, with the option to purchase whole or half tables, raffle tickets and more. You can even rent a legit '80s costume or have LCT make you an amazing mask with '80s flair to wear at the event and take home later.

LCT recently moved into their new home at 3101 35th Street and is already utilizing their space to bring bigger, better and more diverse art, music, film and theater opportunities to our area. Lubbock can be a bit of a cultural wasteoid, so this is our chance to improve that.

Tickets, costume rentals, corporate sponsorships and more can be bought or booked at LCT's official website.

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