There's nothing more potentially depressing than spending another holiday season single and alone. So thankfully Lubbock is on the list of best cities for singles. We're somewhere in the middle.

83rd place doesn't sound like an achievement. But when you consider that Lubbock is the 180th-ish largest metro in America, its a pretty good jump up to 83rd place! So when listed the 2017 Best Cities For Singles, its a time to celebrate.

Comparing our singles population, online dating activity, nightlife options, and other singles related methodology, the list plants Lubbock squarely in the middle of America's cities. That's a similar jump to if El Paso was in the top 10. We shouldn't be that high, but thankfully we are. And even sadder are the big cities that landed below us!

Lubbock beat out cities like Oklahoma City, Ft. Lauderdale, Cleveland, Louisville, Oakland, Baltimore, Arlington, even Fort Worth! Lubbock is doing pretty good if you're single this year. So before you leave for the holidays, make one last stab at ending your singleness, and go meet somebody. Anybody!

Here's the list in all our glory:

Source: WalletHub

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