Earlier this week I asked you to tell me what restaurant you wish we had in Lubbock. Once again, your response was overwhelming! You guys came up with some great picks and itmakes my tasebuds happy that my first choice was the same as everybody else's!

Your NUMBER ONE pick...

Crawfish! Shrimp! Crab legs! Oh my! Pappadeaux was BY FAR the number one choice! If you've never eaten here, you should get in your car and drive to Dallas right now to see what all the fuss is about. It's so good that it actually doesn't seem possible. Why we don't already have one is beyond me. You should go voice your frustration on their official Facebook page.

If Amarillo has one of anything, we should have three. That's my general rule. Those northerners have TWO delicious, wonderful Braum's to choose from! Seriously, ice cream Gods? Those ungrateful cowpokes don't deserve even one! Let's start the campaign to get them to close their Amarillo locations, move them to Lubbock...then give us 6 more for good measure! As a matter of fact, let's put a Braum's in all but two or three of the 70 Starbuck's we have around town.

Here's their official Facebook page.

All I have to say about this place can be summed-up in a picture:

Look at that. Really, really look at it. Now remember that you can't have it because we don't have the place that serves it in this town. Doesn't that make you angry? You should go complain.

Number four was Pappdeaux cousin from down south. Pappasito's can usually be found within walking distance from a Pappdeaux. Too bad for Lubbockites since 'walking distance' to the nearest one is 350 miles or so...to DALLAS! Here's their official Facebook page.

Number five should have an asterisk next to it since we have P.F. Chang's little brother, Pei Wei, in Kingsgate already.

I'll admit, Pei Wei is one of my favorites, but it DOES irk me that we don't get the FULL incredible menu of P.F. Chang's. Also, Pei Wei is always PACKED! Does Mr. Chang look at his receipts from Lubbock and say: 'Hey! Those people LOVE our food. We should never, ever open our bigger better restaurant in that town. I have enough money already.'

Come on dude! Open a P.F. Chang's in Lubbock! Or at the very least, give us a few more Pei Wei's to choose from. I'm getting sick of eating elbow-to-elbow with some stranger using chopsticks for the first time!

Here's the link to their official Facebook page.

Did we leave off the one you wanted most? Well, I've been asking you to complain on these Facebook pages, now you can complain on ours. Feel free to leave a comment in the Facebook widget below!