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Sunday's City of Lubbock Health Department update concerning the coronavirus case numbers in Lubbock was one which will end up being remembered for the remainder of the pandemic.

A new single-day high was reported for new Coronavirus cases in Lubbock County: 750. In addition to the 750 new cases on Sunday, 412 recoveries were reported, along with one additional death.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Lubbock County is now 25,820: 4,881 active, 20,666 listed as recovered and 273 total deaths.

Another milestone concerning Lubbock's County's coronavirus case numbers occurred on Saturday. The total number of Coronavirus cases in the county has surpassed eight percent of the county's population. (The Census Bureau's 2019 population estimate for Lubbock County is 310,569 people, and 25,820 cases equals 8.3 percent.)

Also, according to the City of Lubbock, there's now a shortage of hospital beds at both University Medical Center (UMC) and Covenant Health System:

As of 4:00 p.m. (Sunday) there are a combined 13 open hospital beds and 15 patients holding for beds at University Medical Center and Covenant Health System. Note that this reflects staffed beds open to receive patients and differs from the available bed count shown on the DSHS and the City of Lubbock dashboards. These dashboards count all available beds, including specialty beds, such as pediatrics, PICU, outpatient, psychiatric and others, as well as hospitalized patients in the 22 county Trauma Service Area.

Mobile tents were set up last week at both UMC and Covenant to expand hospital bed capacity in Lubbock.

In addition, Lubbock County and the surrounding counties that make up Trauma Service Area B, remain above the 15 percent threshold for COVID-19 patient hospitalization rate. The most recent number is 24.81 percent. Trauma Service Area B remains under additional restrictions outlined under the latest set of Executive Orders from Governor Greg Abbott. The latest Executive Orders remain in effect until Trauma Service Area B's COVID-19 hospitalization rate drops below 15 percent for seven consecutive days. Amarillo and El Paso's trauma service areas are under similar orders.

Lubbock County COVID-19 statistics can be found online at:

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