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Lubbock's La Madeleine French Bakery and Cafe, at 8201 Quaker Avenue in the Kingsgate Center South, has closed temporarily, according to a note on their door.

It's so sad to see this wonderful eatery close up, but what a relief to know that they do intend to reopen eventually. A check of the La Madeleine website shows that there are many locations of this popular french bakery and cafe that are still open in the Dallas area.

Their Lubbock Facebook page is still up and running with no mention of their closure, and it's inspiring to see their posts featuring the many delicious treats we have to look forward to. They just posted some delicious and beautiful iced cookies for us all to dream about in the meanwhile.

Go ahead and take a look at their page, because scrolling through some of their other delectable featured menu items could have us lining up at the door demanding a table.

The Croque Madame has definitely captured my attention. Here's the mouthwatering description from their website:

Smoked ham & Swiss with garlic cream sauce baked on seven grain & topped with a fried egg. Served with wild field & balsamic on the side

Plus, the photo looks amazing. This is absolutely unique and special and was featured served with a sparkling mimosa on their Facebook page for a perfect pairing.

Skipping right along to the dessert menu, nothing stacks up quite like their Chantilly Cream Cake:

Rich sponge cake layered with light vanilla whipped cream and topped with a fresh strawberry.

Okay, I have to say words fail to properly convey the quality of the baking, cooking and feasting here. It's one of those places where even the simplest items are ridiculously decadent. Yep, tasting is believing.

That being said, we don't just want to look at pictures, we are highly anticipating La Madeleine's reopening. We wish them the very best and hope the eatery will be open again soon.

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