In part 3 of our interview with Mike Love of The Beach Boys, we asked him if he had ever had a fan encounter that freaked him out. Lo and behold, yes, he has.

"I walked out into my garage one day and there was a girl in my garage just waiting for me, that was kind of freaky," Love told us. "That was a little desperate and I sent her on her way, however."

We also asked him to tell us something that his fans don't know about him, but that he wants them to know.

"I'm pretty introverted. I meditate everyday," he said. "I started transcendental meditation with the Maharishi in December of 1967, so I'm very spiritually minded and religious minded. I think that's something that is not well known."

We are looking so forward to their show here in Lubbock with John Stamos, Monday night, March 7, at City Bank Coliseum.

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