It's the time of year when allergies along with the cold and flu start flaring up. Along with washing your hands and getting a flu shot, there are other ways of preventing or at least minimizing the chances of you getting sick. Brenda Duby with United Supermarkets joined us today to discuss some of the natural ways you can boost your immunity.

Duby says that Market Street locations have the Living Well sections. Duby suggested taking Elderberry to boost your immune system and it also helps to prevent the flu. Duby also suggested drinking a lot of fluids including tea. Another great suggestion to help fight allergies was to get local honey and either pour it on a spoon or in your tea. Duby also suggested taking Zinc and probiotics to help boost your immune system.

You can find all of the suggested items and more at all Market Street locations. Watch the video above for more tips on boosting your immune system and living well.

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Photo credit: United Supermarkets

Photo credit: United Supermarkets
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