I spoke with Wes Nessman from KFMX about how his Nightmare on 19th Street haunted attraction would be giving out free candy to families and children.

This year, the free candy giveaway will be held Thursday, October 29.

The scarier characters will be put away said Nessman and a kinder, gentler Nightmare on 19th Street will take kiddos on a little path tour through the venue with free candy stations set up throughout.

It starts at 6 p.m. and only lasts an hour so that the real Nightmare on 19th Street can open to the public at 7:30.

It's safe to say this free candy night will be a popular destination families in and around the Lubbock area. Last year, hundreds of families lined up outside outside Nightmare on 19th Street with their kids. We saw some amazing  - and adorable - costumes.

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