Texas Rangers arrested Olton's city manager, Marvin Tillman. The main charge is theft of property because he has allegedly stolen some land. I didn't know you could steal land.

Seriously, you can steal land? Where do you take it? It won't fit in a truck. So what's up with that?

I'll tell you. Tillman has been accused of taking control of over 70 acres of land owned by the city of Olton, and stealing water for 3 years without paying for it.

He has ALSO been charged with impersonating an officer for driving an official marked police vehicle and using the lights and sirens to get a motorist to slow down.

AND he's been charged with stealing tires from the City of Olton.

This guy sucks...allegedly.

One of the funniest parts is that usnews.com stated that the city posted on their website that he would be away from his job for 2 weeks. I'm assuming it might be a little longer than that...and he'll be fired. Probably. But you never know in West Texas.

Here's news video of his arrest and alleged sucking as a human.

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