On This Day in 1980 the album 'Move It On Over', by George Thorogood & The Destroyers, featuring the title track and the only song that has ever rhymed "skull" and "love", 'Who Do You Love', was certified Gold.

Here's George and the boys doing a live version of 'Who Do You Love':

'Who Do You Love' was originally written and recorded by Bo Diddley.

Here they are with 'Move it on Over':

In case you didn't know, 'Move it on Over' is a Hank Williams song from way back in 1947.

Here's the original track listing:

  1. Move It On Over
  2. Who Do You Love?
  3. The Sky Is Crying
  4. Cocaine Blues
  5. It Wasn't Me
  6. That Same Thing
  7. So Much Trouble
  8. I'm Just Your Good Thing
  9. Baby Please Set a Date
  10. New Hawaiian Boogie

FYI: George has a Facebook page if you want to keep up with him.

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