One of the people who died in the collapse of the World Trade Center was an investment banker by the name of Andy O'Grady. Andy was engaged to a woman whose name you might recognize: Rachel Uchitel.

That's right: Before she became Tiger Wood's #1 girlfriend, Rachel was an unofficial 9/11 widow. The "New York Post" even put her on their front page, crying and holding a picture of her fiancé . . . whose body hadn't been found yet. Check it out:

Flash forward to Thanksgiving of 2010. Just days before that little domestic incident that ruined Tiger's life AND his stroke, the "National Enquirer" ran a story exposing the affair.

Sure, Tiger was enjoying the company of NUMEROUS women. But many people think that story was the beginning of the end, and directly led to the throw-down between Tiger and his wife.

So that's the backstory. And now, hearing what Rachel has to say about Osama bin Laden’s death is actually kind of worthwhile, isn't it? Well, here it is:

"This is the biggest news we have received as a country in almost 10 years. Now we Americans finally have justice and maybe we can all sleep just a bit better at night.

"Andy would be so honored to know he's part of history as an American hero for his sacrifice on that day. He's celebrating for sure right now with all those he died with and that makes me so happy."

(So maybe now Rachel can find peace. And more importantly, maybe now Tiger can finally win a freakin' tournament.)