Patrick Mahomes' family really can’t catch a break.

Everyone was recently hating on Jackson Mahomes for his TikTok dance moves, and now the QB's fiancee Brittany Matthews is receiving hate over a video of her celebrating after the Chiefs' big win this Sunday.

The Kansas City Chiefs won their game Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, taking them one step closer to the Super Bowl. As an excited and supportive partner should, Matthews celebrated the big win after the game. After Jackson Mahomes posted a video of the celebration to his Instagram story and Matthews posted her own version of the video on her social media, she received a lot of backlash.

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In the video, Matthews excitedly opens a bottle of champagne and proceeds to spray it over the Chiefs fans celebrating in the section below her, all while excitedly screaming, "let's f***ing go!" It's obviously all done in the spirit of winning the game and celebrating with the fans, but some people think she should be ashamed of her actions. They're claiming that the fans would have been "drenched" in champagne and that there might have been kids in the crowd that could have ingested the alcohol.

One guy has even gone so far to say that he plans to get his legal team involved to try and prove what Matthews did was illegal because she was allegedly providing alcohol to minors.

Despite all the hate, there are still fans who are standing up for Matthews and combating the nasty comments she’s receiving. Many of them mention how the fans were actually cheering her on and encouraging her to spray the champagne in celebration. I also don't see how anyone who is celebrating such a huge win for their team would be upset by the tiny sprinkle they might have felt.

People love to have something to hate, and for many people that don’t like the Chiefs, that means they target people like Matthews, who are simply supporting their family. What it seems like to me is a bunch of people are upset their team lost, so they feel like they have to take their anger out on someone who is obviously happier and more successful than them.

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