One of the great things about people is that you can always trust them to misinterpret things for fun. Like this scenic photo opportunity in Colorado Springs called "Moon Over Garden of the Gods."

Colorado is a state full of beautiful scenery what with the Rocky Mountains and all. And one of their parks is known as the Garden of the Gods. On a scenic bluff overlooking the park is a well known spot to get a great shot of the moon over the garden. So the park installed a blue metal frame so tourists could get a great shot of the moon over the garden.

They took this a little to literally. And they've been mooning their cameras on the metal frame ever since creating a viral sensation of their exposed butts. Personally I think its hilarious. Butt if you don't, you might want to skip the link to the Facebook page with all of those "moons" on display.

And just in case you're against a silly good time, for whatever reason, you can sign the petition to get the blue frame removed.

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