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Multiple families in Plainview are expressing their discontent with decorations being stripped off of every grave at the Plainview Cemetery.

KAMC News spoke with Criselda Casarez, who buried her mother in October 2021. Casarez expressed how she felt that the action was disrespectful:

"It made me upset because we work to have our loved ones' things out there, and then for them to just throw it away. I'm not the only angry person," she told KAMC. "There's a lot of more angry people out there that's been on social media talking about it."

Multiple other residents of Plainview posted pictures of gravestone decorations found in dumpsters on social media. Some videos showed the dumpster filled with flowers, with crosses and other sentimental pieces on the ground beside it.

Plainview Cemetery says that the stripping of decorations from graves is something that happens every year. They say that this should be common knowledge, but Plainview residents are only asking for better communication.

Casarez agrees.

"Plainview needs to be more communicative with you know, everybody out there and let us know why they’re gonna do it or just give us a heads up. Not just go and do it because they want to do it. Because it’s not fair to us," she told KAMC News.

Plainview Cemetery has asked residents to call 806-293-4555 with any questions or concerns relating to the annual removal of grave decorations.

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