A pregnant woman is now a viral video star after her hilarious video tribute to April the Giraffe has skyrocketed to 30 million views in just three days.

Dietrich - a mother of three from Myrtle Beach, S.C.  -- has been glued to her screen like the rest of the world in anticipation of April the Giraffe giving birth. Dietrich herself is pregnant with her fourth child and is due this month, according to Buzzfeed.

Dietrich says that her friends have made fun of her obsession with the livestream, and in an effort to make them laugh, she livestreamed her own video to Facebook showcasing her very pregnant belly while wearing a giraffe mask on her head. The nearly 8-minute video shows her posing, dancing, and waving to the camera.

The video hilariously became a viral sensation and has been viewed on Facebook over 30 million times already.

Earlier this morning, Dietrich revealed to fans that she is in the hospital about to give labor and even posted another video of her wearing the giraffe mask in the hospital.

Meanwhile, the world continues to await the arrival of April the Giraffe's baby, who is due to give birth to her fourth calf in April.

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