The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has released October 2015 rejected vanity license plate requests. Some of them are doozies.

There are a ton of vanity plate requests that go through the Texas DMV every month, and a lot are rejected for reasons including obscene comments, impersonation or that someone else already has it.

The Texas DMV has become social media savvy, so A.F. is no longer acceptable. The organization became privy to what it really means on Twitter and other social media. (Hint: It's not Aretha Franklin or Armed Forces.)

Steve Farrar, president of the website which works with the State of Texas, said they try to keep current with slang terms, but sometimes something "falls through the cracks and goes viral."

For instance, the vanity plate, "370H55V" took a while for the DMV to catch, but commuters behind this vehicle got the message up front and personal and even made it into the Urban Dictionary. It's best understood upside down.

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