Did you enjoy one too many Sangria Swirls at Abuelo's last night? Well, science has FINALLY figured out the undisputed best way to cure a hangover.  It's about time! Although this cure isn't exactly revolutionary.

Michael Oshinsky is a researcher at Thomas Jefferson University, and he tested different hangover cures on lab rats.  And he found the best way to beat a hangover is . . . COFFEE and ASPIRIN.  That's it.

Oshinsky found that you get a hangover because of a chemical that alcohol can produce.  Caffeine and anti-inflammatory medicine block that chemical . . . so the combo of coffee and aspirin relieves hangover symptoms.

He also found that hangovers have nothing to do with being dehydrated . . . so you don't have to worry that drinking coffee is going to make things worse by dehydrating you even more.

Or you can just try taking this kids' advice: