I guess I'll never understand the ridiculous political game that is Texas Tech athletics.

Today's big sports  headline in Lubbock: Texas Tech Athletics has announced a contract extension and pay raise for head football coach Tommy Tuberville.

Seriously? He's had one year here. One year. And not a spectacular year at that. What if you went in to work tomorrow and your boss said to you: "Hey! You showed up on time, didn't crash your car through the building and you're wearing pants! Here's a briefcase full of money!"  You'd be pretty stoked, right? Of course you would! Go "whatever company I currently work for"!

But, all kidding aside, Red Raider fans like me are concerned.One Red Raider Facebooker said this:

We lost to Texas, OU, Ok State, A&M...He went 8 and 5 with 13 games beating teams like Weber State. Leach beat top 5 teams, and as I recall, a #1 ranked team. This proves that Leach's firing had nothing to do with money. He just hurt the good old boys feelings. Till The Triad of Myers, Bailey, and Hance are gone, Tech is going to miss out on Millions. Its not that they fired Leach, it is how, why, when, and by whom it was done. It was a huge Embarrassment to Texas Tech."

On the other side of the argument is this from what I call a Tuber-will:

Us old timers are just old enough to remember Tech football before Leach. He should have been shuffled out, instead of a public killing. Anyway, looking forward for 2011, great kids coming in...Good Times ahead...I drink coffee every morning at a desk that once belonged to Dirk West dreaming of things to come......Wreck Em!!!!!!

And this poor fella who's given up all hope:

Apparently, there are those opposed to Tubby, those still stuck on Leach, an those who are so far up his butt they can't see. One season...ONE. and he gets half a million dollar raise. Not a smart move in any business, especially one determined by wins and losses that are pretty much unpredictable. A good recruiting class pretty much means nothing, as it doesn't predict results. The record crowd can be attributed more to added seats an upgraded stadium than anything. Tubbs is a "Yes" man. And that pleases the good ol boys.

I'm really on neither side of the argument that Tuberville is good or bad for my beloved Red Raiders. Honestly, I'm more of the opinion that things are looking up for the school I've supported all of my life. Not for any other reason than this: Tuberville is a solid coach and he's got a great track record of recruitment. Remember, that National Champion Auburn team was recruited..in part...by him. But, I still say that he most certainly does NOT deserve a raise of ANY KIND just yet.

After we win the whole friggin' thing (or, at least the conference) we can talk more money for his Scrooge McDuck-style vault of gold.

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