"Dance is not just a physical activity. What we're teaching is musicality, rhythm, patterns, spatial awareness, and body awareness, which is all related to mathematical ability. It also teaches discipline, commitment, focus, and responsibility." 

Yvonne Racz-Key, the artistic director of Ballet Lubbock, is passionate about the aesthetic art form of ballet and is eager for Lubbock kids to dip their toes into this beautiful creative outlet.

This summer, Ballet Lubbock is offering an array of camps for all ages and skill levels. Specifically, their Dance Discoveries workshops are the perfect way for young kids to learn about this amazing activity.

"These are creative movement, pre-ballet, and beginning ballet. Those classes are in the morning and that's ages three to six," Racz-Key stated. "Then, the afternoon is for levels one through three and that is usually ages 6 to 10."

Ballet Lubbock
Credit: Lacie Freelen

Racz-Key notes that your child will be placed in a class based on their level of training. "For those who have never done ballet before, it is such a great way to try something new and for young ones, especially at the ages of 5, 6 and 7, to decide if this is something they want to pursue and maybe make it their choice of training as an art form."

Best of all, these types of camps will also help your kids in other aspects of life.

"These kids learn at a very young age to hear the rhythm of the music. Classical music is very mathematical, so they learn how to count the music and move to the music," said Racz-Key. This body awareness is called proprioception, [which means that] you're aware of your body and space. This starts to engage your muscles and your tendons and coordination. The benefits of this coordination are outstanding. Physically, it's fantastic for your body and then mentally, it's been shown to combat depression and anxiety because it gives you either a sense of focus or a sense awareness of where you are in space. It gives you a confidence of what you've achieved."

These camps will be going on during the month of June and you can sign your kids up for one or two weeks of dance. All that's required is shoes, a leotard and tights. Classes will be held at the prestigious Buddy Holly Hall. "We have such a talented group of instructors, especially in the Summer Intensive [when] we bring in all of these guest instructors," Racz-Key stated.

Parents will want to sign their kids up as soon as possible because space is limited. This can all be done on their website or you can call them at (806) 785-3090.

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