Thieves will steal anything. But there is always a line where we can all say they've gone "too far!" That line was crossed last week. Thieves stole barbecue.

That's right this is a video of thieves breaking in and stealing delicious barbecue from  my buddy Shawn's restaurant Chopped And Sliced. Shawn has been in the Lubbock BBQ business for years and makes amazing food. But as we all know, great BBQ takes time to do it right, so he has to have some food cooking even when the restaurant is closed. That's when thieves broke into his outdoor cooking area at night and stole drinks and food.

This is an affront to all Texans! Not just stealing, but stealing BBQ! Help us, and Shawn, find these bastards and bring them to justice now.

Here is a close up of one of the thieves for help identifying them.

At least he's having a positive attitude about it with this meme he posted:

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