For centuries, tea has been hailed as a remedy for many ailments. It's also used as an afternoon respite beverage in the U.K. and the far east, but even more and more now in the U.S., specifically Texas.

With tea becoming almost as popular as our beloved coffees, we wanted to find out what kind of varieties are now on the market and how they benefit our health.

We talked with Robin Hawkins with United Supermarket families about the vast assortment of teas available and what some of them can do to boost your immune system and even aid in weight loss.

We all have heard of green tea and black teas and the antioxidants as well as cancer and age fighting properties that they contain. But the 'mys-tea-ry' and benefits go much farther than just what we see advertised.

Oolong tea, for instance, "has been shown to lower bad cholesterol levels," says Hawkins. Ginger tea is great for your tummy. It, along with peppermint tea, aids in digestion and soothes you stomach.

She adds that the warmth will make you feel more full and also curb your appetite and help with weight loss, so the Brits are on the right track by having tea in the mid afternoon

Hawkins named Rooibos tea, which has a distinct, nutty flavor and is caffeine-free, as one of her personal favorites.

There are also many flavors of teas on the market now, such as blueberry, almond, citrus, cinnamon, vanilla and on and on. There also a wide variety of bulk teas available at various Market Street locations.

Check out the options in the video above and get on the road to feeling 'tea-riffic' in 2016.

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